About Us

Blondies Kitchen was founded last year by two blonde foodie lovers and professionally trained chefs Chelsie and Kristelle. Kristelle went on to become the head chef at Black Truffle and Chelsie landed herself a prestigious role as a cookery writer at BBC Good Food.

After gaining experience and building great contacts, both chefs had the ambition to get their personal name out there and whilst working 5 days a week Monday to Friday, decided to cater small events and parties on the weekend. It wasn't long before both girls realised that their name was spreading and the odd job here and there had turned into a fully booked diary every weekend for 6 months in advance. After realising that their brand was going from strength to strength and not being able to meet the fast demand of enquiries, the blonde chefs decided it was time to leave their full time jobs so that they could begin their exciting new venture as a duo to take Blondies Kitchen to new heights.

It was a trip to New York that changed everything. The girls found Milk Bar- a hole in the wall bakery selling quirky treats, including fun flavoured milk and delicious cookies, which they fell in love with. They realised there was nothing like this in the UK, so decided to bring it back. For them, it was about keeping it simple. What’s better than milk and cookies? Their milk and cookie bar idea was born.