Our Story

Blondies Kitchen was founded in 2016 by two blonde foodies and professionally trained chefs, Kristelle and Chelsie. The girls built a relationship through social media and started catering on the side of their full time jobs to see how well they worked as a team. Kristelle's background had always been in restaurants which is why she's a whiz at running the bakery. Chelsie spent over 2 years at BBC Good Food as a cookery writer, developing and writing recipes for the magazine and online. Together, they're a bit of a dream team. When they're not cooking they're laughing. 

It was a trip to New York that changed everything. The girls became obsessed with American style cookies. They have a crisp edge, are chewy all the way through and a soft centre (mmm we're getting hungry just thinking about it). They realised there was nothing like this in the UK, so decided to bring it back. For them, it was about keeping it simple. What’s better than milk and cookies? Their milk and cookie bar idea was born.