Our Story

Blondies Kitchen was founded in 2016 by two blonde foodies and professionally trained chefs, Kristelle and Chelsie. Kristelle's background has always been in restaurants and Chelsie spent over 2 years at BBC Good Food as a cookery writer.

It was a trip to New York that changed everything. The girls became obsessed with American style cookies. Their crisp edge and chewy centre was like nothing they had ever seen in the UK. The girls realised the rest of UK needed to try these style of cookies, and just like that Blondies Kitchen was born!

Since launching, Blondies have disrupted the food industry with their unique cookie flavours and irresistible taste. The girls are cookie trend setters, proving this through their social media, with over 130,000 follows across all platforms. Together, they're a bit of a dream team!